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We Open For The Rolling Stones in St Louis

We're honored to return to the big stage opening for The Rolling Stones in St Louis, MO this weekend at The Dome. We were very excited to get called up in the 11th hour and can't wait to put on a-rockin' show worthy of this spot and also in memory of Charlie. Tickets to the show are available HERE and we hope to see you in STL this weekend! 


Soul's Too Loud > Appreciate Me I & II (Live From Red Rocks)

“No repeats!”, we decided, as we sat in our rehearsal room writing the sets for back-to-back Red Rocks shows. With 4 hours of music to fill, we began to pull out some old favorites. This trilogy hadn’t been performed since 2017, and it was just as exciting as ever. - Mike 

Born To Run (Live From Red Rocks)

This was the release to end all releases- our first "normal" shows in over a year at one of the greatest venues in the world, Red Rocks. I can't put what it meant into words, but this video of us closing out the weekend with one of rock's greatest anthems captures the feeling. - Rob