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just released: "kid" acoustic

We took it all the way back to the bones on this one. Left it raw, let it bleed and recorded it straight to tape. Please enjoy our acoustic version of “Kid” recorded in Esplanade Studios in New Orleans, LA. Listen HERE.

"Down In The Dirt" Out Now

Zack bares it all authoring “Down in the Dirt” the next track from our upcoming album. “They say that love is just the thing to save a man. It’s not so shallow you must dig to bring it out. So let’s get down in the dirt.” Get down in it and listen now to the new song HERE or check out the official lyric video from Johnny Chew below.

"The Long Con" Official Lyric Video

"The good things in life are free. No, they’ll never take that away from me." Directed by Johnny Chew the official lyric video for our song "The Long Con" is out now. Like many, we are often frustrated by the injustices we see in the world around us and something needs to be done. Join us in making our voices heard and register to vote today via HeadCount HERE to be the change you want to see.