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Wherever You Go, There You Are

Made it. Mission accomplished. Nineteen entries in nineteen days. Perfect game. Well, not perfect. Admittedly, some of them were kind of shaky. But still. Got the job done. This has been a fun challenge and a rewarding exercise. Unfortunately, I can't promise to recreate it on future tours.

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...And We Are The Revivalists

Wheels up in an hour. Seattle to Denver, then Denver to New Orleans. There's no way in heck I'm not getting buzzed on this flight. We book a lot of flights on Southwest because they don't charge for checked bags, and in return for the steady business they keep us rolling in drink coupons. Drinking on an airplane is probably the closest I'll ever get to knowing what it's like to be Don Draper.

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[S] Accelerate.

Day whatever. We are somewhere. We did something last night, and we're doing stuff today, tonight, and tomorrow. It is tour. It is a continuum. Days become nights become days. Life is twilight, experience is brackish water. Time is a slope, not a staircase.

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First One's Usually the Hardest

Just after midnight at a hotel on the grounds of the Cleveland airport, I watched an airplane glide down onto the runway. In my mind, I was David Attenborough narrating a piece on tropical birds: "The Southwest variant can be identified by its distinctive blue plumage, as opposed to other common species of 737, like the Delta or the American, whose feathers are predominantly white with just a bit of coloration along the wings and tail...”

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How Lucky Are We?

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Olympic Shuffleboard

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Old Joke

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Just a Man, Just a Tiger

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The Parable of Garfma

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We're a Bus

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