The Revivalists Get Down With Roots Rock at Irving Plaza

  • November 24, 2014
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Seven-piece jam band The Revivalists got down Thursday night in fully packed Irving Plaza. After a performance by alternative rock band Red Wanting Blue, The Revivalists played a total of 13 songs, drawing from both of their albums to show off their seamless fusion of rock and soul.

First forming in 2007 in New Orleans, The Revivalists perhaps owe their roots-rock-inspired music to their old stomping ground. Lead singer David Shaw kicked off the set with "Criminal” from their latest two-disc album City of Sound, released in March via Wind-Up Records. "Stand Up” and "Elementary” particularly showcased the band’s ability to deliver high energy performances, and they also individually highlighted their members’ talents, with outstanding solos by saxophonist Rob Ingraham and guitarist Ed Williams.

The performance overall was lively and spirited on and off the stage. Audience members yelled out nonsensical statements to demonstrate their steadfastness to the band; one man, wading through the sea of bobbing heads in an attempt to get a better view, yelled out "My grandma wrote this song!” during "All In The Family.” This statement unfortunately could not be verified.

Leading the enthusiasm on and off stage was Shaw. He thrashed his head wildly, his curly mane moving to and fro. He jumped on and off the stage to get in contact with audience members and touch their hands. He made use of the entire stage, moving from one end to the other faster than you could whisper "sexy motherfucker” along with him.

The Revivalists brought their set to a close with "Catching Fireflies.” Theirs is an uninhibited style, that is not only rare, but it’s genuinely fun to watch. Catch them as they make their way down south and out west before they wrap up their fall tour.

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