Revheads Speak Out About The Revivalists New Album - ‘Men Amongst Mountains’

  • August 10, 2015
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By Barry Brandow & fellow Revheads

I was extremely thrilled when Live Music Daily asked me to write a review of The Revivalists new 14 song album MEN AMONGST MOUNTAINS. After all, they are one of my favorite bands and this is an extraordinary album. Then I thought about what I was going to write about the album and each song. Before I started to write a unique idea occurred to me. Instead of ONE guy sitting at his computer with a thesaurus, trying to think of 100 different ways to say "amazing,” we should ask the views and opinions of the most knowledgeable and passionate fans of the band: members of the Facebook fan page, "Rev Heads”. They are loyal fans from all over the country. Fans from the Northeast, from the West Coast, the mid-west, the South and the awesome fan base that they’ve built in Pensacola Fl., and even the home field of New Orleans, LA. Some who have been fans since the early years of the bands inception and some who have just been recently introduced to the music of The Revivalists. The enthusiasm and support was incredible as views, comments, personal stories, and opinions came pouring in. All of them wanting to express their thoughts and feelings about the new album, as well as show love and gratitude for the years of great music and good times.

What you are about to read is an "amazing,” genuine and heartfelt collection of those views, comments, and opinions that EVERY band wishes to read…from fans EVERY band wishes to have. Please enjoy!

"The new CD follows me where ever I go…from car to work, work into car, car into apartment etc. So good” – Troy Mizgala, Greensboro NC

"Men Amongst Mountains is going to be the album that catapults The Revivalists to the next tier and they are going to explode from there, as they are already starting to do.

Being David’s (Shaw) sister, I have witnessed the early years of his first budding interest into the guitar. The vocals were something that came much later. I have seen David blossom, and what it has done for our family… That’s a whole nutha’ story!!! It’s brought life and REVITALIZATION!!! Music truly runs the world, and is SO important.    Any way…

I love all of the songs, "Monster” and "Keep Going” being 2 of my favs on this album. But honestly, there isn’t a bad song, they all ROCK…right??? The more I listen, the more I love it. Every member of The Revs shines and they are all such talented and gifted musicians. I feel so honored and privileged to share in this creative, loud, fun and crazy world this seven piece show stopping band creates." – Joy Marino, Atlanta GA.  

"I’ve been a longtime fan of "another band”, traveling all over the United States since 2003 to see them live. As some bands do, they’ve began to fizzle out and lose a lot of that spark and magic they used to have. The Revivalists are the first band I’ve found in many years that rekindle my love of live music and give me that spark I used to feel about this "other bands” shows, something I didn’t imagine any other band could do.” - Chad Jones, Conway Arkansas

"Since first seeing and subsequently becoming a pretty huge fan of The Revivalists, one of the most exciting yet difficult things has been hearing them play "new music” at shows, and then NOT being able to download it… to listen freely whenever I wanted. My best friend and I would frequently ask the guys after the show "So, when is the new album coming out?” This was usually met with a laugh, smile, or smirk followed by "We’re working on it! We promise! We’re busy! We’re trying!” We were always satisfied with this answer because we truly believed that when they were finally ready, finally done, that what they would give us would be a real gift – and it is!” - Kate Reynolds, Boston Mass

"I am loving the musicianship demonstrated on this album. Sharing it with everyone I know.” - Lois Brandow, Marlton NJ

"The band is so good at slow build ups and really high crescendos at the chorus that just bury you in the songs. All the pieces feed off each other’s passion and it comes through in the music. It’s hard to write reviews or thoughts about the songs because they’re all just so good. As a body of work this album covers everything. It Was a Sin, Gold to Glass, Monster, Stand Up, Fade Away, it’s all of them. Everyone owes it to themselves to give this album a full listen through. I can almost guarantee it will be one of your favorites. Let the music take you somewhere, it’s quite the journey.” – Charee Fairchild, Kennewick Wa.

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